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The atvlog script simplifies log inspection by generating an HTML file with basic live filtering capabilities.

Note: This is an incubating script and may change behavior with short notice.


Log output from the following tools are supported as input:

A special markdown mode is supported, which extracts a log from the following format:

text here is ignored
log data here
also ignored

Filtering can be performed on the following attributes:

Serving output via web server

It is possible to serve the generated log output via a built in web server using flag -w:

$ atvlog -w pyatv.log
Press ENTER to quit

Then visit http://<ip>:8008 to see the log. The port number can be changed with -p xxxx.


$ atvlog pyatv.log  # Print output to stdout
$ atvlog --output pyatv.html pyatv.log
$ cat pyatv.log | atvlog -  # Read from stdin
$ cat markdown.log | atvlog --format=markdown -
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