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This is a python 3.6 (or later) library for controlling and querying information from an Apple TV. It is built upon asyncio and supports most of the commands that the regular Apple Remote app does and more!

To install, use pip:

pip install pyatv

This library is licensed under the MIT license.

Where to start?

As pyatv is a library, it is mainly aimed for developers creating applications that can interact with Apple TVs. However, pyatv ships with a powerful command line application that is useful for normal users as well.

So, head over to Getting started to get going!

If you need help or have questions, check out the Support page instead.

In case you have developed for pyatv 0.3.x before, there’s a short migration guide here that will help you port your code to 0.4.x or later.


Here is the feature list by protocol (DMAP = devices not running tvOS, MRP and Companiom = Apple TV 4 and later, RAOP = AirPlay compatible devices):

Feature DMAP MRP Companion RAOP Links
Automatic discovery of devices (zeroconf/Bonjour) Yes Yes Yes Yes Concept, Doc, pyatv.scan
Device Metadata (e.g. operating system and version) Yes* Yes* No No Concept, Doc, interface.DeviceInfo
Push updates Yes Yes No No Concept, Doc, interface.PushUpdater
Remote control pairing Yes Yes Yes No Concept, Doc, interface.PairingHandler
List supported features Yes** Yes Yes Yes Concept, Doc, interface.Features
AirPlay stream URL (including local files) Yes Yes No Yes Doc, interface.Stream
Playback controls (play, pause, next, stop, etc.) Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.RemoteControl
Navigation controls (select, menu, top_menu, arrow keys) Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.RemoteControl
Different input actions (tap, double tap, hold) No Yes No No Doc, interface.RemoteControl
Fetch artwork Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.Metadata.artwork
Currently playing (e.g. title, artist, album, total time, etc.) Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.Metadata
App used for playback No Yes No No Doc, interface.App
Media type and play state Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.Metadata
Change media position Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.Metadata.set_position
Shuffle and repeat Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.Metadata.set_shuffle, interface.Metadata.set_repeat
Volume Controls Yes Yes No No Doc, interface.RemoteControl
Power management No Yes No No Doc, interface.Power
Deep Sleep Detection Yes*** Yes*** No No Concept, Doc, pyatv.scan
Launch application No No Yes No Doc, interface.Apps
List installed apps No No Yes No Doc, interface.Apps

* Some restrictions apply, see section “Device Metadata” here page.

** Limited support due to restrictions in protocol.

*** Experimental feature (not fully tested)

This list might be a bit misleading regarding what is supported or not. A better summary is under development. A No in the table does not necessarily mean that a feature is not available for a certain protocol. It either means it’s not, or that it’s just not implemented yet (you can’t tell which it is from the list however).

There are also few utility scripts bundled with pyatv that makes it easy to try the library out. Check out atvremote, atvproxy, atvscript and atvscript.

Who is making this?

I, Pierre Ståhl, is the lead developer and maintainer of this library. It is a hobby project that I put a few hours in every now and then to maintain. If you find it useful, please consider to sponsor me! :heart:

Of course, this is an open source project which means I couldn’t do it all by myself. I have created dedicated page for acknowledgements!