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Controlling a device is done with the remote control interface, interface.RemoteControl. It allows you navigate the menus and change playback (play, pause, etc.).

Using the Remote Control API

After connecting to a device, you get the remote control via interface.AppleTV.remote_control:

atv = await pyatv.connect(config, ...)
rc = atv.remote_control

You can then control via the available functions:

await rc.up()
await rc.volume_up()
await rc.set_position(100)

All available actions can be found in interface.RemoteControl.

Input Actions

Currently three types of input actions are supported:

These actions are supported by the following buttons:

By default, const.InputAction.SingleTap are used. Pass another action to use another input action:

await rc.home(action=InputAction.DoubleTap)

All input actions are specified in const.InputAction.

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