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:star: Submit a PR


To make it easier to see where a commit makes changes, add a prefix topic to the commit message. Here are a few topics that are used (suggest new if necessary):

Topic What/where you have changed
airplay Something related to AirPlay, likely in airplay.
companion Something related to Companion, likely in companion.
cq  Code Quality, e.g, clean ups, added documentation, refactoring.
docs  Documentation in docs.
gha  GitHub Actions (.github/workflows).
dmap Something related to DMAP, likely in dmap.
if Interface related changes (e.g.
mrp Something related to MRP, likely in mrp.
raop Something related to RAOP, likely in raop.
scan   Scanning related code, likely support/

Try so split changes over multiple commits if possible, to keep them small (e.g. one for adding interface, one for implementing MRP, one for DMAP and one for documentation).

Some examples of first lines in commit messages:

cq: Add typing hints to public interface
if: Add interface for device information
raop: Send feedback if supported by receiver
test: Migrate from asynctest to pytest-asyncio

Known Issues

There are currently two known issues with GitHub Actions:

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